• Lamppost - 300 W

    The slim, sleak and low profile design of the MicroWind 300W model makes it ideal for lamppost lighting, your cruising boat, or attaching to any existing structure were you need to suppliment your energy needs.

    This turbine is currently in the prototype stage and is expected to be launched in 2010. If you are interested in being a beta customer please contact us.

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  • Residential - 3 kW

    Finally, a wind turbine designed for homeowners who want to reduce their energy bill by up to 70%. The MicroWind Residential Turbine has been engineered from the roof up to solve many of the challenges facing building-mounted wind turbines.

    This turbine is currently being beta tested and performance data is to be released soon. To be kept up to date, please subscribe to our newsletter.

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  • Commercial - 5kW, 10kW

    Affordable wind power for that can be easily mounted to the roofs commerical office buildings is currently in development and expected to be introduced in 2011.

Our Solutions

Clean. Affordable. Efficient.

MicroWind Technologies’ plans to offer several models of vertical axis wind turbines, including 300W, 3 kW, 5kW and 10kW. Our vertical axis wind turbine design solves a number of issues related to horizontal or propeller turbine designs. Vertical axis designs are completely silent, have a low cut-in speed, are less affected by turbulent air, and appear as solid objects while spinning, preventing bird and bat strikes. MWT products also feature a roof mount system that easily attaches to any roof pitch. The roof mount has been engineered to minimize vibrations and shrouds around the mount’s supports will help direct wind flowing up the roof to the turbine, increasing the turbine’s energy production.