• Residential

    Achieve energy independence now! Our 3 kW model is ideal for making a dent in your energy bills.

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  • Commercial

    Our commercial turbines can green up your building and increase your LEED rating.

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  • Other Applications

    Our smaller wind power systems are ideal for other applications like sailboats, motor homes, and lampposts.Click Here

Why Choose Us?

Affordable renewable energy for homes, businesses, schools, and other small to medium buildings.

MicroWind Technologies, LLC was founded with the goal to design and manufacture a series of low cost, easy-to-install small vertical axis wind turbines designed to mount to existing structures, such as outdoor lighting fixtures and residential and commercial buildings. Aside from cost, the competitive advantage is a patented turbine blade that is designed to overcome wind turbulence associated with on-building installation, eliminating the need for a separate (expensive) tower structure. Our goal is to help you save money while reducing your carbon footprint. 

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